Fact: Supply and Demand Move the Markets!

What do you have in your trading arsenal that enables you to gauge the TRUE supply and demand in the market at any given moment?  The fact is that the outcome of any trade (win or loss) is who won the fight — buyers or sellers. Although price may be considered the horsepower, VOLUME is the torque!

Real-time DELTA Volume Analysis clearly displays the conviction in the order flow and who is in control at any moment…….

BUYERS or SELLERS. Click on the button to watch the video that explains the concept of order flow.

Order Flow Transition
The FulcrumTrader group has, through struggle and study, developed an elegant decision tool and a methodology that has shifted us away from the typical “off the shelf” dead-end trading approaches. Our supply and demand tracking paradigm using DELTA studies will begin to shift your mindset into a different, but rewarding realm, all by design, to challenge your beliefs about the PRICE/VOLUME relationship.

Our Momentum Signals Training Course provides over ten hours of live training sessions that cover the Fulcrum Trader Delta and Momentum based trade entry setups for intraday trading.  This online video course covers the momentum signals training, trading plan requirements, steps necessary to build an Algorithmic Trading System, exact steps for the momentum based trade setup, and more.

Our immersive video Cumulative Delta Volume Analysis Course places you on the proper path to align your trading with the supply & demand driven markets.  Over 17 hours of thorough instruction with step by step guidance for the serious student!  With the Delta Volume Analysis Course you’ll learn these crucial concepts:

  • Principles of Delta Volume Analysis
  • Learn the 3 key principles to Delta Volume Analysis: Delta Zones of resting inventory, Delta volume divergences with price, and order flow bias and tracking.
  • Cumulative Delta description, fundamentals, and applications
  • Understanding how Delta is tracked and plotted accumulating all volume values sequentially for the timeframe and trading period you select.
  • Order flow bias and order flow transitions
  • Instruction in the art and science of real-time order flow analysis in the markets (high-tech tape reading).
  • Discover the three major trade setups: Delta Divergences with Price, Hidden Divergences, and the Commercial player’s grab for resting inventory
  • Helps to answer timeless trading questions: How do you know the double bottom or double top will break-out or return to the mean? How can I track commercial trading activity? What’s playing out in a “run for stops?” These modules allow you to spot supply and demand imbalance trade opportunities as they form high probability trade set-ups.
  • Delta Zones of resting inventory (“net” SHORT and “net” LONG accumulation zones)
  • Introduction to the intraday tracking of newly formed and existing Delta Zones of resting inventory….the same Delta Zones which create significant support and resistance levels.
  • Price “reactivity” and price “rotations” at Delta Zones of support and resistance
  • Understand how price reacts and at times rotates into Delta Zones of support and resistance.